Scott Station Inn

A Perfect Day Trip in the Heart of Kentucky!


 With our final destination in mind, we chose one of the most scenic routes in the heart of Kentucky! Along the way, we captured a sampling of the history and beauty the Bluegrass Region has to offer. The drive is incredible- a destination all on its own!

   Pisgah Pike is a designated Historic District winding over hills and turns stretching through some of the most picturesque landscapes in America! This national treasure meanders past stately homes, remnants of the past, and world-renowned thoroughbred horse farms. Take it slow and enjoy the ride.



 The crown jewel of Pisgah Pike is Pisgah Presbyterian Church. Founded in 1784, worship services are held every Sunday at 11:00.The dry-stacked stone walls, blanketed in rich emerald moss, protect the property – the final resting place of soldiers from the American Revolution, Dunmore’s War, the Mexican War, and the Civil War. Take some time to reflect, you will be standing among true patriots when you visit these hallowed grounds!


WinStar is a name most horse racing fans recognize, and a drive past their expansive operation, 2.400 acres, is a feast for the eyes. American Pharaoh’s daddy, Pioneer of the Nile, is just one of the noteworthy stallions to call WinStar home.The roads on the farm bear the whimsical names of several of their champion horses, and driving past the signs always brings a smile.

     Stables with cupolas, stone work, impeccably manicured borders, reflecting pools, fountains, flowers, and rolling hills will take your breath away! On our recent stop, and hundreds of tulips were pushing their leaves up through freshly laid mulch in preparation for a sensational spring showcase! The trimmed boxwoods and massive limestone walls provide the perfect backdrop for any flower border! Pull over, take a moment, and breathe in the beauty of Pisgah Pike!

To be continued…


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