Scott Station Inn

The Bourbon Trail Inspired Recipes


Kentucky Legend Ham glazed with Kentucky Bourbon, cloves, citrus, brown sugar, and lots of black pepper! Our guests love this dish!

There are many benefits to being on The Bourbon Trail! One of the greatest benefits of being on The Bourbon Trail is getting to meet so many wonderful people. We have had guests from all over the United States and several other countries stay with us when they are in Kentucky to explore and sample the tastes of the Bluegrass Region.

And guests are always excited to find bourbon in our recipes. Sarah’s made-from-scratch pumpkin spice muffins garnished with candied pumpkin seeds and finished with our special Kentucky Bourbon glaze forms a very satisfying pairing with your favorite hot beverage.

The Bourbon Trail has inspired many recipes. Another favorite is our bourbon glazed Kentucky Legend ham, seasoned with cloves, brown sugar, other spices, and of course bourbon.

Guests love starting their day at Scott Station Inn with freshly baked treats, and many guests enjoy a night-time muffin with a mug of hot tea after coming back from a day exploring The Bourbon Trail. The muffins are a perfect pairing with our special Bourbon Trail glaze.


Sarah’s muffin batter is filled with ground ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon, and organic pure cane sugar. Delicious!


The muffins are garnished with candied pepitas and finished with our special bourbon glaze!

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