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Kentucky Legend Eggs Benedict @ The Station

Curiosity takes us to new places, and we just might be inspired.

Trump International, Hotel and Tower- Chicago

Trump International, Hotel and Tower- Chicago



We find inspiration in countless places, and our sense of curiosity often takes us to those places. It is exciting how one thing leads to another, and it is interesting to see the fruit of that inspiration: new friends, happy guests, and good times with family and friends.

On our most recent trip to Chicago, Sarah and I stayed in the shadow of the newest landmark building in ChiTown- Trump International Hotel & Tower! The pull to explore Trump’s Tower was compelling and powerful, especially when you are staying just across the street.

Our usual routine when in ChiTown is for the girls to shop and for me to explore, so off we all went in different directions. The Magnificent Mile was steps away, and the weather was gorgeous for early November- low 70s and sunny. In search of breakfast and new experiences, I made my way up and down Michigan Avenue passing the some of the most elite retail establishments in the world and other famous landmarks- Tiffany’s, Burberry, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and more. The old guard is still there in its regal beauty; The Chicago Tribune Building and The Wrigley Building flank the street at the south entrance to the Magnificent Mile now in the shadow of its higher, hipper and shinier new neighbor, Trump Tower.

After exploring the 5,280 foot retail phenomenon and enjoying a delicious breakfast at a local Italian market, I found myself back where I began- in the shadow of the Tower. So, I just had to go inside for a look around.

I made my way to the entrance by walking through the beautiful courtyard of the Wrigley Building and entered the lobby for the hotel. It was surprisingly smaller than I expected. I found the elevators and made my way to the 16th floor which is home to the Tower’s restaurant subtly named Sixteen, a Michelin two-star rated dining experience. The views are spectacular- eye level with the majectic Wrigley Clock Tower and Lake Michigan stretching out to the eastern horizon.

The Wrigley Building Clock Tower from the 16th floor of Trump Tower.

The Wrigley Building Clock Tower taken from the 16th floor of Trump Tower.

The spaces which make up Sixteen are luxurious, modern, and inviting- particularly the outdoor spaces and the views. It was fun exploring Sixteen, but it was not a realistic dining experience for us- not in the budget. I was happy to have visited the iconic tower bearing the name and mark of an equally iconic American entrepreneur turned politician. The Donald for President! Only in America!

Sixteen- the two-star rated Michelin restaurant at The Tower.

Sixteen- the two-star rated Michelin restaurant at The Tower.

Later in the evening, with the Tower looming overhead, Sarah and I were planning the next day. And breakfast was at the top of our itinerary. Then the idea hit me- breakfast at Sixteen! The menu looked great, and in the name of research for our B&B, the prices weren’t out of reach, so…with great anticipation we headed out the next morning for a two-star Michelin breakfast! And, we were NOT disappointed, in fact, we were inspired!


I ordered the Eggs Benedict, and the first bite blew my mind! So creamy and smooth! How could eggs covered in egg yolks with butter be so amazing? Every bite was fantastic leading to the next bite and the wonder increasing by the fork full of perfectly poached eggs and the absolute best Hollandaise sauce anywhere. Breakfast was an experience of the senses, an event, and an inspiration to add even greater options to our menu.

The highlight of our visit to Sixteen was getting the chef’s recipe for her Hollandaise sauce. And, just this past Monday, we prepared the dish with a Kentucky twist- we replaced the Canadian bacon with Kentucky LegHollandaiseSauceRecipe2end Ham.

And, so, The Legendary Kentucky Eggs Benedict was born at Scott Station Inn on November 16, 2015, and our guests were thrilled. As our guest Pat commented, “Making Eggs Benedict is a process.” From clarifying the butter to perfectly poaching each egg, the process and effort were worth the end result!

Sarah and I had such a great time with our guests, and we can’t say enough about how much fun it was figuring this “process” out with our guests, Pat and Kathy. This experience is definitely one of the highlights of our first year as innkeepers!

Check out the process below:

Melt your butter to begin the process of clarifying the butter or separating the milk solids from the fats.

Melt your butter to begin the process of clarifying the butter or separating the milk solids from the fats.

The end result is so incredible. Clarified butter will keep for a long time, so make it ahead of time to simplify the process.

The end result is so incredible. Clarified butter will keep for a long time, so make it ahead of time to simplify the process.


Along with quality butter, use the best eggs and muffins you can find. You get what you pay for! Right?

Along with quality butter, use the best eggs and muffins you can find. You get what you pay for! Right?

Separate your yolks and slowly add the juice of one lemon. Next, slowly incorporate the warm clarified butter while continuing to mix. Add salt, white pepper, cayenne or hot sauce- all to taste. Toast the muffins, poach the eggs, and build your Benedict. We substituted Kentucky Legend Ham for the Canadian Bacon- it’s tastier and it’s local! Enjoy!!

Come Explore The Uncommon-wealth of the Bluegrass With All The Comforts of Home!





The Bourbon Trail Inspired Recipes


Kentucky Legend Ham glazed with Kentucky Bourbon, cloves, citrus, brown sugar, and lots of black pepper! Our guests love this dish!

There are many benefits to being on The Bourbon Trail! One of the greatest benefits of being on The Bourbon Trail is getting to meet so many wonderful people. We have had guests from all over the United States and several other countries stay with us when they are in Kentucky to explore and sample the tastes of the Bluegrass Region.

And guests are always excited to find bourbon in our recipes. Sarah’s made-from-scratch pumpkin spice muffins garnished with candied pumpkin seeds and finished with our special Kentucky Bourbon glaze forms a very satisfying pairing with your favorite hot beverage.

The Bourbon Trail has inspired many recipes. Another favorite is our bourbon glazed Kentucky Legend ham, seasoned with cloves, brown sugar, other spices, and of course bourbon.

Guests love starting their day at Scott Station Inn with freshly baked treats, and many guests enjoy a night-time muffin with a mug of hot tea after coming back from a day exploring The Bourbon Trail. The muffins are a perfect pairing with our special Bourbon Trail glaze.


Sarah’s muffin batter is filled with ground ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon, and organic pure cane sugar. Delicious!


The muffins are garnished with candied pepitas and finished with our special bourbon glaze!

Reunion Weekend Asbury University

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 7.49.36 PM

Reunion Weekend 2015

Alumni will be arriving in just a few days for one of the most anticipated events of the year, Reunion Weekend. And, this year’s Reunion Weekend is a milestone. Asbury University is preparing to celebrate 125 Years of Academic Excellence and Spiritual Vitality

Family roots run deep at Asbury, and that includes our family.  Sarah’s grandfather attended Asbury in the early 1900s. We found his German New Testament when we were packing to move to Wilmore in June of 2014. Needless to say, we were thrilled to run across such a wonderful treasure.

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 8.44.53 PM
Our first guests are scheduled to arrive Thursday  afternoon at Scott Station Inn, and among the  alumni staying with us is a member of the Class of  1965, The Conqueror Class. Another alum staying with us was a  member of the Tumbling Team. We look forward to them sharing their memories over breakfast each morning of the great times they experienced as students at what is now the #1 Ranked College in the South Region, Asbury University.

Congratulations to the University and all of the alumni who have worked so hard over the past 125 years to build such an outstanding legacy. Enjoy Reunion Weekend 2015, you all deserve it! And, if you have time, stop by our inn, Sarah and I would love to meet you.

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